3rd International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering (CMBE13)

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        The final deadline for submission of abstracts for the 3rd International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering (CMBE13) has been extended to 30 August 2013. The Conference will be held between 16th and 18th December at City University of Hong Kong.

        Details on the CMBE Series, conference information, templates and instructions for abstract submission can be found online at
http://www.compbiomed.net/2013/ .

        Accepted papers will be published in the
CMBE Proceedings series in print (ISSN 2227-3085) and in online (ISSN 2227-9385) format. Authors of high quality papers will be invited to submit full length papers to a special issue of the Wiley journal 'International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical Engineering'.

        Invited speakers: (see http://www.compbiomed.net/2013/invited-speakers.htm)

Xi-Qiao Feng, Tsinghua University, PR China
Kim M Liew, City University of Hong Kong, HK SAR
Xiaoyu Luo, University of Glasgow, UK
Marie Oshima, University of Tokyo, Japan
Zhongcan Ouyang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China
Alessandro Veneziani, Emory University, USA
Yiannis Ventikos, University of Oxford, UK
Wolfgang A Wall, TUM, Germany
Ajit P Yoganathan, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Mini-symposia: (see

MS1: Advances in Finite Element Analysis of the Biomechanics of Vertebroplasty & Ballon Kyphoplasty
MS2: Aneurysm Modelling: from Basic Science to Clinical Translation
MS3: Inverse Problems in Cardiovascular Mathematics
MS4: CFD Assessment of Small-Sized Cerebral Aneurysm Rupture Risk: Case-Control Study
MS5: Heart Valve Modelling
MS6: Modelling of Pulse Wave Propagation in the Arterial Tree
MS7: Multiphysics & Multiscale Models for Simulating Total Heart Function
MS8: Multi-physics Modeling & Applications of the Cardiovascular System
MS9: Numerical Simulation of Cardiovascular Devices & Procedures
MS10: Numerical Techniques for Computational Surgery
MS11: Segmentation & Registration for Biomedical Applications
MS12: Subject-Specific Biomedical Mesh Generation, Skeletonisation, Geometry Correction.
MS13: Towards Clinically Relevant Computational Vascular Mechanics
MS14: Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology

We look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong,

Yours sincerely,

Perumal Nithiarasu,
Rainald L?hner
Kim M Liew (co chairs)

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